Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Humpday Bumpday

Wednesdays are always a bit odd for me. I am not a normal M-F grind workerbee, so the mid-week hump has never really developed that aura of excitement for me that many other guys I know have.

What does excite me are nice hot Humps and Bumps...which I can appreciate any day of the week, but I do like to pay particular attention to on Wednesdays :-P

Ronnie was one of my favorite models on the make-me-a-super-model show thing he was on a few years back. I wouldn't mind riding his Hump of playing with his Bump, let me tell you.

There is something about doing this in front of an audience that really turns my crank so to speak...

I do too! I do too!

 Levi is still so very attractive. He is aging very well.

Tattoos are very sexy to me. Something about them makes me want to trace them with my tongue.

 Talk about furry Humps! My lord this is a forest. Just imagine playing in that. Or even more fun, convincing him to let you shave it and then take care of any swellings that come up.

One of my favorite views of a man - looking up from below...

Another forested Hump... so muscular you know it would be fun to spank while you pump it...

 Have you ever been on a road trip with guy friends and seen one of these pop up while one guy is napping? It is titillating to say the least, even when its with a guy who is practically a sister to you.

 Naked except for boots is very hot in my opinion.

 Young and hung! Exactly how I like my morning snacks. 


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  2. Volim pusenje kurca k'o leba!

    Kazem vam ja bre, pusenje kite je najbolja stvar!!