Friday, April 12, 2013

Furry Friday

All this warm weather is bringing out the boys in my neighborhood in shorts without tops while they go running and jogging. It is almost a driving hazard some mornings.

Just yesterday as I was going down to the feed store to pick up bales of hay for the garden I saw 2 hotties all sweaty and jogging in place at ta streetlight. Man that was a nice red light stop, let me tell ya!

Time now for some nice fur!

 Look at him with the come get me look in his eyes!

 THis one looks like he would be a nice rough lover.

 Is he dancing or posing?

 To me this guy looks almost like he is mad he is taking his clothes off.

 I love a natural looking man. Not too many muscles, just enough fur to be sexy.

And last but not least, a youngun' who is going to be much furrier as he gets older if this beginning is any indication.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Meanderings

I hope your Monday is shaping up nicely. Mine is. I woke up before dawn today. No clue why, just something that happened. Luckily I went to bed at a decent time so I am not feeling bereft of sleep.

In lieu of morning wood, today I bring you some sexy sweatermen. Its hella windy and cold outside and I think sweaters are a good idea today. When the weather conspires to encourage my favorite fetish clothing I am a happy man.

I have been into scruffy men lately. Not sure why.

They are just giving me that extra oomph lately.

It helps when they are disrobing.

Or as I like to imagine it, putting it on to please me.

This is a totally sexy shot for my tastes. Nothing left but the sweater itself.

Time to go walk the doggies! Hope your day is as windy and sweater filled as mine will be!