Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday is a Snow Day!

Snow day! The hubby and I are running up to Reno NV for lunch with friends, then home again before we get snowed in.

During our 3 hr drive, I will be looking for plenty of snow bunnies along the way! With an altitude of several thousand feet higher than Sacramento, we are bound to see at least a couple of hot snow bunnies! 

We have thrown on our long underwear so we don't freeze our goodies off!

 I would love a snow bunny like this one! lick em while they are hot!

 This series reminds me of underwear ski day (an actual event) at one of the resorts nearby.

Boys and girls ski and snowboard in their unmentionables to the amusement and enjoyment of the rest of us.

Not usually this many hot ones though...

Maybe he will give me lessons?

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