Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Tuesday is for Tattoos! Sometimes at least.

Had a nice quiet evening for new year's eve, called all the appropriate folks after midnight to wake them up and ring in the new year. Kissed my hubby on time too!

I hope you don't have a hangover today, but if you do, i suggest you grab a mimosa to take off the edge and kick back and oggle some of these tattooed boys till you feel better!

 I just want to trace those stripes with my tongue and find out where they all go!

 He counts! His arm has a little tatt! So he counts! I swear!

 I love hoe he not only has tats, he has lots of ridges. I should recruit him for a laundry day.

 I love an artfully posed man...the tats just add to the allure!

 Hipster fetish here we go! Love his colors...

 Is that an invitation to pork or what?

 This one has nice ridges too, and an eclectic mix of artwork...

I would love to see these two in action, rubbing their bods all over each other and making a sweaty mess...

and last, another hipster to hopefully make you smile!

Happy new year! Hope your day is fantastic!


  1. Happy New Year friend! The first had me from the beginning. I ought to send you a picture a friend capatured last night. Apparently I decided to many clothes were on and took off everything from the waist down, but then passed out on the sofa! Yikes blackmail I hear.

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