Monday, January 7, 2013

 Good Morning and may this Monday be a good one for you. It should for me.

Breaking news!  I closed my agency the other day. I am sad. Very sad. But for now, it certainly doesn't look like I will be working on any day soon, let alone Mondays.

On the bright side, there is nothing but wide open opportunity for me, assuming I can find a job...untill then, I am on Funemployment! (Not really fun but I gotta make light of it or it depresses me). So anyhow, that is the snapshot of my life right now. I am down about it, but I am trying to keep a stiff upper lip, because I know that being depressed won't actually resolve anything about it.

On to the meat of the matter! Morningwood! The reason Monday was invented!

Looks like he is waking up...

He obviously is waiting for the ties to come out and restrain him for some passionate fun...

 King size daddy fun going on here! I love his lean looks...

 I like trying to peer deeper in the shadows here...

 This was me (not literally) getting my morning coffee today. Part of me was certainly wide awake and rarin to go take on the day.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday is a Snow Day!

Snow day! The hubby and I are running up to Reno NV for lunch with friends, then home again before we get snowed in.

During our 3 hr drive, I will be looking for plenty of snow bunnies along the way! With an altitude of several thousand feet higher than Sacramento, we are bound to see at least a couple of hot snow bunnies! 

We have thrown on our long underwear so we don't freeze our goodies off!

 I would love a snow bunny like this one! lick em while they are hot!

 This series reminds me of underwear ski day (an actual event) at one of the resorts nearby.

Boys and girls ski and snowboard in their unmentionables to the amusement and enjoyment of the rest of us.

Not usually this many hot ones though...

Maybe he will give me lessons?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Tuesday is for Tattoos! Sometimes at least.

Had a nice quiet evening for new year's eve, called all the appropriate folks after midnight to wake them up and ring in the new year. Kissed my hubby on time too!

I hope you don't have a hangover today, but if you do, i suggest you grab a mimosa to take off the edge and kick back and oggle some of these tattooed boys till you feel better!

 I just want to trace those stripes with my tongue and find out where they all go!

 He counts! His arm has a little tatt! So he counts! I swear!

 I love hoe he not only has tats, he has lots of ridges. I should recruit him for a laundry day.

 I love an artfully posed man...the tats just add to the allure!

 Hipster fetish here we go! Love his colors...

 Is that an invitation to pork or what?

 This one has nice ridges too, and an eclectic mix of artwork...

I would love to see these two in action, rubbing their bods all over each other and making a sweaty mess...

and last, another hipster to hopefully make you smile!

Happy new year! Hope your day is fantastic!