Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday is for Shopping

The hubby and I are going to the mall! Gasp! Clutch pearls! The mall!

I don't do malls, as a rule. All the people crowding around sort of ick me out when I think about breathing their air in and out. Yuk.

Anywhore, since we are going to the mall, I want to visit Santa. I wonder if he is hot this year?

 A tatted Santa would be fun...sitting in his lap and telling him what I want...

A burly Santa most definitely...can I be naughty and nice at the same time?

Santa and Rudolph have the right idea here, less clothing, more naughtiness!

Beddybye Santa for sweet dreams!

And a Santa with enough ridges to help me with my laundry! Yum! Don't you just want to nibble them?


  1. Honey last time I sat on Santa's lap, I needed to sit on a donut for a week!

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