Monday, December 3, 2012

Morningwood Monday

It is an unusual day for me today. I do not have to work (yay!) but I do have to go to a board meeting/dinner tonight. So while I can put the day to its traditional use, I still must put on some clothes, do the hair and look decent at some point and head out into the world. Oh bother.

How are all my friends out in blog land doing today? I hope a little better than I, as I have a chest cold coming on. It started with a slight wheeze but is coming into its full strength with gobs of gook being coughed up. I know, not a pretty thought! I have brain bleach for the asking :)

On to the Morningwood that I am so fond of playing with on Mondays!

 This one has the right idea to start. You gotta make sure everything is in place and functional.

 This one has a plump basket that says it is ripe and ready for picking...

 Obviously this one is Awake and demanding attention. Doesn't it look like a good size for squeezing?

 These two (above and below) make me smile. The first one has delightful ridges that promise to make it a fun ride, the second one says its thickness will make you grunt in pleasure...yes I said grunt!

 Ready for tapping, this ass is pert and delectable. I like how he presents himself like he is wanting you to just dive into it.

Last but not least, this one is playing coy, a tease of ass and a hint of groin and some chewable pecs, is it enough to wet your appetite? It is for me, especially with the start of a beard on that scruffy face and that yummy pit staring at me...I even want to bite that bicep -for an appetizer...

Well, I have my work cut out for me today, keeping all these men satisfied! I would invite you over to play but i am a selfish bitch sometimes.

I encourage you to find some Morningwood Men of your own to play with! Have fun friends!

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