Saturday, December 8, 2012

Laundry Day

It has been awhile since I was responsible for laundry at home. To celebrate the return of this chore I bring you Laundry Men to encourage and assist with the work...

 I think they can help me with my whites, yes? I certainly think I can get a double load out of it.

 Had to crop his cock shower rod that looked stiff enough I could have hung cloths on to dry...

 A good washboard to rub out some new stains on...

 Furry and ripply, definitely calls for some delicates and sweaters!

 Such a serious look on his face. Doesn't he realize how silly that looks when he is posing in the middle of a dance floor in his undies? c'mon now smile!

Wonderful! This one must have been trained by the Mistress. He is already getting the clothes ready to separate and wash!

Have a glorious Saturday folks!

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