Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Humpday Bumpday!

Such stormy weather we are still having in Sacramento. Not the Superstorm Sandy kind, just the wet and windy kind with riving rain and occasional tree branches leaping off trees to hit cars. Luckily they usually miss.

Despite my Monday posting, I was tricked into work Monday, so today really is the middle of my work week. Oh well, I can still enjoy some man flesh :)

 This one almost made my laundry list with those ridges!

 I sure hope this one is 18, cause his bump says "mansized"

 Is it profiling for me to think this is the end result of sagging? I wish it would happen more often if this is whats hiding under there...

 The thighs on this guy are killers, perfectly framing that crotch...

 Poor thing needs some undies that fit properly, not that I am complaining...he must be someones houseboy!

 Assless undies always make me smile. If they are an invitation to play, I am at the head of the line!

 I love that he is getting is all soapy clean for the fun that must be about to happen.

He's perky and he knows it! Look at that face - he knows for sure his hump is gonna get some attention!

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