Friday, December 14, 2012

Furry Friday Brrrrrr!

Oh my freakin god it is cold here. Not that anyone from the eastern seaboard or midwest or high elevations would agree, cause to them it is probably balmy.

It is a warm 41 degrees fahrenheit here in Sacramento. Winter is truly upon us.

I know i bitched it was cold last week, and I will probably bitch it is cold again, especially when the new lows arrive soon.

Days like today I don't even want to leave my house and I am resentful that I have to!

It would be much better snuggling with the dog (or husband if neither of us had to work) and reading a good book.

Oh well, not gonna happen. Events have forced me into the cold cruel world today.

At least I have my furry men to contemplate.

I like to think of running my fingers through the chest and tummy hair

Tracing a treasure trail or two, or three for that matter. 

Why be selfish with my love? When it only warms me up to share?

 Stay warm out there folks, especially those of you in snowy lands :) 

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