Friday, December 28, 2012

Fruitcake Friday

As cold as it is I would normally post some fur, but I am in the mood for Fruitcake, it being the holidays and everything.

I hope you enjoy my selections...

 I think he would be difficult to hug properly...

And this one would be snuggly to hug for sure...

 Is it a technicolor attempt to copy Francios Sagat?

 Might be cute but cannot tell with the baby snakes on his face!

 Not sureof the name for this fetish but it makes me smile.

 I like 'em scruffy like this, but the shower cap has got to go, he is in a bathtub after all!
Last but not least, a fruitcake that should satisfy almost anyone's sweet tooth and gold hunger!

I am headed to the office now to contemplate dark things. Hope your day is better!

1 comment:

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