Saturday, November 24, 2012

Post Turkey Day Homeliness

I spent a very satisfying time with family and friends this holiday weekend, and I am baking my own turkey today at home.

Lets hope it turns out yummy! (I actually haven't cooked my own bird in several years so here's to hope'n!)

While we wait, let's enjoy some Indians, since really, this holiday is about thanking them for helping the pilgrims survive the first winter. I won't go deeper into the political history this year, i want to save my good mood!

 This indian is artful...

 Indian from another continent but i couldn't pass him up...

 Not an indian at all but he is trying...let's ask him to lift his flap?

 Now here is some native flesh I could thank...

 Will they let me in on the secret?

 A hipster indian! Yum!


  1. Thanksgiving is one of my favor holidays, for the food alone. Now if the hipster Indian would like to offer me more meat, who am I to pass it up? Glad you had a nice visit handsome!