Friday, November 16, 2012

Furry Friday!

I am up in Nevada City this weekend, where it promises to be cold, rainy and possibly snowing!
While I assist behind the scenes at another MKP weekend, I will be wishing I had something to warm me up!

This most certainly calls for some fur to heat my heart and body!

This one is yumptious! I could eat off that all day.

This one is cute and scruffy. Looks like he would giggle a lot when tickled.

 Despite the tough look this one is a sweetheart. He is a fellow blogger :)

 This is what I will be doing Saturday - running around nekkid in the cold woods!

This one makes me want to nibble those ridges.

This silver daddy REALLY gets my heart beating fast. He totally looks like a man who would be fun in bed.

One of my favorite stars, when he lets all his hair grow he is a furry pup indeed.

Last but not least, a nice lil otter type. Doesn't he look like it would be fun to rub bellies and chests with him?

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