Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Titillating Tuesday!

After a wonderful three day weekend in which I had to work...and a week of recovering from my stupid back injury...it is my duty to report that I am in a crappy mood!

Not too surprising really, boredom can do that to a guy.

Hence the need for something Titillating to improve my mood!

 Such a tease this young man is!

This is how I would prefer my day to be - lounging in bed with men....

 I still think this one needs a haircut, but I wouldn't kick him to the curb over it...

 This one warms the cockles of my heart...lol...i love leather men that aren't over done.

 a Three-fer - the bubble but on the middle man is a little distracting I tell ya!

 I like men with pensive looks on their faces - it always makes me wonder what the photographer was telling them at the time..."try to look a little lost" is probably not it, but that seems to be the case all too often!

I feel for this man. I mean I want to feel for him. All over. That chest is just edible and the package,. well it looks to be a full meal too...

Hope you have a loverly Tuesday! I know I will despite my grumpy start! All these men have already helped push me into a better place.

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