Saturday, September 22, 2012

Equinox Again Already!

I tried rewriting this post, but really, I like my original work so here it is again, in time for this fabulous day!

Autumn - a time when trees start to change, the weather chills down, animals and insects begin migrating and on the Equinox - a time of nearly equal night and day...

Also a time of partying! Big time partying in many cultures! Modern Wiccans call it Mabon, ancient Greeks called it one of the Festivals of Dionysus, some ancient Europeans called it the Night of the Hunter and it is a spring celebration in the southern hemisphere.

It's been observed as more than just a day of mostly equal light and darkness in almost all cultures that track the seasons - in the northern hemisphere this celebration was usually tied closely to a harvest celebration. Drinking and carousing and thanking the god(s) and goddess(es) for their bounty and hoping for a smooth winter without hardship.

In my hemispheres (the left and right sides of my brain) it is a time of sadness as I have to start saying goodbye to all the boys of summer. They are gonna start covering up their glory soon!

Can you tell he is not just looking over the side of the pier? LOL

 Boys like these will be less common sights in the coming months.

My house boy will have to start wearing shirts when he brings in the firewood!

and as it gets really chilly on the west coast here in northern California there will be far fewer walks on the beach at sunset with the hubby (and even fewer strolls through the bushes near the beach hunting for wildmen sightings)

So goodbye boys of summer, I will miss you for a few months and I look forward to your return in the Spring!

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