Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Titillating Tuesday!

Oi! Tits! And Swimsuits! What a great combo I say!

 In celebration of Summer Olympics!!! Tits 'n Suits!!!

 So maybe they aren't Olympians but they are winners in my book...

 Sexy boys deserve gold medals too...

How are my blogger buddies today?

The week has been off to a delightful start for me.

Morning Wood Monday, which did not get covered yesterday, was certainly celebrated appropriately since I didn't have to go into the office at all!

Couple's counseling is turning out to be a good choice for the husband and I. I knew this would be true, since it has worked in the past, but it had been over a decade since our last tune up. This one is working into a definite game changer for us. I like it.

I used to be enamored of the Olympics as a kid and wanted to someway attend them. That was before I understood the politics involved.

Now, if I even notice they are on it is because of the pretty boys competing for something.

Not all Olympians are this hot though. Some I wonder how they even got picked. Haven't seen any total babes yet this year so I thought I would post a few of my own, at least partially in the spirit I think the Olympics were originally intended - the appreciation of male beauty while it performed physical tasks.

Believe it or not, posing is not easy. Twitching and tickling makes it hard to stand still. I know this. I did a modelling stint when I was a youngin. Mostly runway stuff, but even so, sometimes the camera exacerbates an itch somehow.

Floating is effortless. This kind of posing I could easily do even today, though no one would want me to model these days.

I loved being on the swim team back then, Those stories about group showers and shaving incidents are all true, let me tell you!

I hope your Tuesday turns out to be as interesting as mine appears to be headed!

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