Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A not so Titillating Tuesday!

Oh what a week!

Life was quite crazy this week, what with appointments and coffee dates and video games and stuff. I never got around to posting what the Mistress' houseboys got up to when I borrowed the, in her absence. More on that later.

On a sad note, a friend of mine was killed in Florida the other day, by two 19 yr olds.

The official "motive" was money, and the reality was that Will was an elderly gay man who had taken in a couple of streetwise teens and rented to them. These men had stayed at his home off and on over the last year, ostensibly getting themselves back on their feet. Knowing Will, that really is all there was to the relationship, other than he probably cared deeply about their welfare.

The killing was intentional and brutal. They bound him, gagged him with duct tape, and beat him. Then they smothered him in a plastic bag tied around his throat and dumped his body in a canal. He didn't die quickly, or painlessly, or cleanly. Will probably knew what was happening.

One of the fucking monster bastards were caught not only trying to use his ATM card, the other while leaving Will's home where he and his girlfriend had returned to steal more stuff the day after they killed him.

Did I need anymore proof they were cold-hearted sociopaths?

In my personal opinion, these young men sociopaths probably felt justified in beating to death an old fag for not doing what they wanted. I cannot bring myself to believe thew the Will I knew wouldn't have just handed it over freely if asked and they were in need.

This has been quite shocking to the system in an odd way. I mean, sometimes, but not too often do you anticipate death, right? But who really anticipates the brutal killing of a friend? I find myself getting teary-eyed unexpectedly since I found out yesterday. It really hurts deeply.

I am in an odd emotional state over it - almost a state of shock. I loved this man. My heart and soul are bleeding today.

William was such a sweet, caring, loving and truly giving man. When I got to work alongside him this past March, he told me some of the story of coming out late in life (at nearly 70!) and the surprising support he had from his family. He had only been out for about 5 or six years, and he had recently really reconnected with this son in a deeper way.

Will was a proud gay man, a young at heart elder in our community, who was redefining what it meant to be "old and gay". He had such a sense of wonder and awe about him regarding everything about life. To have that at such an age - what a gift to have known this man.

What a crime to have had him taken away so brutally.

Goodbye Will Norman, Powerful Bull, may your spirit be at rest.

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  1. I'm just getting caught up still from vacation, so what a shock to read about this! My thoughts are with you on the most outraguous of crimes!!!! I hope those little bastards are treated the same!! But I feel for you on your loss of a precious friend. You and those around him willbe in my thoughts Craigery! And NOT much makes me cry.