Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Humpday Bumpday!

Man alive it has been a busy week!

I had to work 2 Mondays in a row, and this week I am writing a federal grant application (can you say brain drain?!?!?).

I had a doctor's appointment, and a new video game to play too!

Luckily it is Humpday Bumpday and I can enjoy a bit o' man flesh for a moment or three...before I must dive back in and get this puppy finished!

 Patriotic Hump! How much more Murican could we get?

 Artsy Hump, with delicious furry legs attached. Yum!

Musical Hump! When the music stops I hope he lands in my lap....

 Colossal Bump! I wonder if Rhodes feels inadequate?

 Wet Bump! Technically this isn't nudity ! LOL!

Pensive Bump - doesn't he look a little worried? Like he might be thinking "why is the photographer drooling?" or "I hope they don't notice the ass fell off my underwear!"

That's it! That's all I have time to post today!

I hope your day is fantastic and I hope mine ends sooner than anticipated so I can chillax!

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