Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Titillating Tuesdays!

MMMMmmmmph is all I can say about some of these fellas.

 While CB usually bores me with their terrible "plots" the boys are almost always 100% prime meat.

 His nips are perky and tight like the rest of his body looks. Wouldn't that be fun to take for a spin?

I like how this one appears to be a tad nervous, like he isn't sure what the photographer is going to ask him to do next but he is game for it.

His hair breaks my rules 1) Short hair must be straight, 2) long hair must be curly, 3) medium hair must not be. His body on the other hand, will certainly do. I can just bag the head.

and last but certainly not least, this fine specimen makes my mouth water. the thighs, the arms, the Appolo's belt, the pecs! Look at those pecs! His ass is even pert! Mother nature made him just about perfect. Let's hope he isn't an incessant talker or I Will have to get out the ball gag.

Have a great Tuesday my friends!

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  1. Have a good one yourself cutie! I've missed your tits!!!