Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Humpy Bumpday!

Oh where to begin - first of all, the bike ride fundraiser was a smashing success. We raised over $300k this year! I mean wow. It is crazy cool how such a fun 4-day event can be so successful!

If I can summon the energy I will post some pics of the wonderful peeps that made it happen.

I had my head buried at work the moment we got home. My agency's bread & butter grant was due two days ago and it is a long one (175 pages total). So I was putting is some insane hours at the office writing this baby to get it in on time.

We got it done early. :P That how we roll!

It had to be done early, because Monday, the day it was due, I had a flex sigmoidoscopy scheduled. Do you know what that is?

Okay, I am no stranger to pain, nor, how shall we say it, the insertion of devices into rectum and lower colon (stop sniggering back there), but let me tell you, the odd pain/discomfort after they banded things and snip things in there is both difficult to describe and difficult to tolerate.

The doctor did have the courtesy to knock me out during the procedure. I did not however, get dinner and a movie. The cad.

Luckily the husband (things are on the mend here I think), did a good job impersonating Nurse Betty and made sure I was well taken care of, and on a positive note, it gives me an excellent reason to lounge around on my side, being waited on...

Now on with the show!

 Doesn't it look like he is trying to seem casual about the fact that he is flexing it to get your attention? "Yo, bro, wanna give me a massage?"

I love it when a man has a sense of balance too. If he can stay steady on his tiptoes, he can probably stay steady as he is performing his squats over you...up, down, up, down...

I like to think these guys are boyfriends and the one is proudly showing off the other's assets - see that crooked finger and smug smile? It says - "this is all mine!"

When your man gets uppity, just slap on them cuffs. Make him work his tail off to have them removed :P

Red White and Bulge Blue - an all American favorite...

I love pictures of men who look like they are discovering their penises. His face looks quizzical, like he is wondering what it is doing down there?!?

Not one of my preferred porn stars, I think he is generally bleh, but he does definitely have a nice bod and bump. 
Who doesn't love a performer? Those abs, those thighs, those arms! That bump! It's an all day meal on offer here!

Well my darlings, enjoy your day. I am going to go pop another pain pill and hope my nether regions feel better soon!

ciao ciao!

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  1. Weclome Back I have missed you!!! Congrats on the success of the ride!!! But sorry to hear of the procedure. You should have call, I'd downright hurry to get there! I also put the lad in a post just for ya, but forgot you were gone. Talk about a sore ass!