Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Early mornings are really not my thing, but today, I was up and on a conference call at 4 fucking AM.

Why? Because I said I would be. Go figure. Sometimes I commit to things that during or afterward I wonder wtf am I doing here? Today was this way until the caffeine kicked in.

Now that I am fully awake, I heartily approve of the earliness of the morning :)

On with the day!

If this was calling me I would have missed my conference call...just sayin...

 Look how *happy* he is to be playing with his own tits!

This photo combines two of my favorite things. Well three actually. Four? Nipplage, Sweater, Hunky man, pubic shot...I just want to eat him up. In a good way, not a Hannibal Lector way, although I like fava beans too...

Yeah this would have distracted me from my call too...

I love a butch who is also playful. I wonder how painful the tit tattoos were? The gargoyle in my bikini line was quite the ouch to have done.

Aha! Again combining a few favorites, nipplage, hidden treasure hints, a damn nice tummy and chest hair!!!

Now that my motor is all revved up it is time to face the day! I hope you have a great Tuesday!

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  1. Ok, the first one got me to touch myself! Your bad!