Monday, May 14, 2012

Morningwood Monday

I so do not want to go to the office!

I have to though, I have to write a few dozen thank you cards to some donors from an event last Thursday.

We screened a new documentary called Positive Youth, directed by the hottie Charlie David.

The cutie on the bottom left panel is Austin, a friend of one of my staff at the office which was our "in" for getting this movie so fast after its production. Austin is a pretty popular DJ and nightclub personality. Some of his outfits are rather wild.

Charlie David, a veteran of the delish and campy gay cable series Dates Cove, several movies and couple of indie flicks, is also a producer and director in his own right. So not only is this guy a talented actor and a hottie, but he has talent offscreen as well. As if you could tell by looking at him.

Very good flick, more geared towards keeping a healthy mindset and the impact HIV has had on 4 young people.

It was absolutely NOT a prevention motivated movie at all. I actually left the film with the feeling that they were too much downplaying the impact and severity of HIV infection. This is both a personal bias and true of others who were at the screening who came up to talk to me about it afterwards.

Don't get me wrong. The movie was very very very good.  It's just, as an HIV prevention specialist for over 20 years, it left me wanting more in terms of reminding folks it is super important NOT to get HIV.

Especially young folks which the movie is geared for.

The movie's focus was more to push the chronic illness aspect, downplay the severity on infections in this modern day of treatment options, overlook the medicine side effects (one doc actually said there were little to no side effects anymore, a straight out lie and the one line that pissed me off in the whole film) and generally focus on the story of how it impacted the young people in the film and how they view themselves in the world today.

All told, well worth the viewing and I would recommend it to anyone who is newly infected.

I would not recommend it for a high school health class.

Yes, that is my bias speaking :)

Anywhore, on to some morning wood!

Only a couple three today, as I really must get to the office! I have no real time to enjoy them lol.

 I love how the light picks up the hairs on his legs and tush.

This picture just makes my blood flow. In a good way. I think its because his tummy looks so tense with anticipation...

Is he ready for mounting or what? I love a man who knows how to assume the position.

Have great Monday folks!

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  1. I will have to check out this movie, sounds very intresting. And may your week have many ups!!!!!