Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy Bumpday!

While my workweek isn't really standard like my mom's is at IBM I still like to celebrate Bumpday as the middle of the week.

If nothing else, it is a pleasant distraction from the rigors of grant writing and budget balancing and client services.

I really enjoy wet undies and wet swimsuits. Especially when there is such a delectable Bump in them...

This Bump looks almost dangerous. I am a little afraid to let it out of its confinement but man o man do I really want to try it out.

Again with the wet...I just love how it accentuates everything...

 These fellas look like they are taking a quick break from playing a stripping in an abandoned building. At least that's the story I like to tell myself as I gaze at their manflesh.

This pic rocks in so many ways. The wrist bands, the T-Shirt, the club lighting, the really nice and hard Bump...Makes you wonder what the photographer did after snapping this shot, doesn't it?

I hope your Bumpday is wonderful and not dreary. If any of you feel like submitting your own pics for Bumpdays (Or Humpdays for that matter) in the future, please feel free! lol.

1 comment:

  1. Happy Bump Day! I say we share what number two has and then follow up with the last! I'm dying to see what in those grey jeans!!!!