Friday, May 4, 2012

Fruitcake Friday

I was almost in the mood for Furry Friday, but I am trying to pretend it is too warm for fur...AND i found this cute photo spread of some very sexy Fruitcake!

Greek and Roman inspired outfits are often titillating.

Even the wound on his torso doesn't stop this from being a sexy pic.
I think his corset is tight which is why he is scowling. Should we let it out a tad?

This last pic hints to me that things are about to get a lot more Greek soon, if you know what I mean...

A fashion question I cannot seem to find the answer for, so maybe I really need a gay anthropologist who specializes in ancient body customs - do you think the ancient Greeks or Romans shaved their chests? I means the statuary and paintings on pottery don't often show chest hair, but really, was that just because chest hair is so hard to carve maybe? Does anyone out there know?

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  1. Why I have never thought about it, but your right! Im sure they had hair, but must have had a way to remove it! but every greek guy I was with had a huge dick. Not that this anwers any questions, but I thought I would add it. Just a observation, use it as your wish.