Thursday, May 17, 2012

NorCal AIDS Cycle

It's that time again!

The NorCal AIDS Cycle begins today at 7am and after 4 days and 330 miles will end up on the west steps of the California State Capitol in Sacramento. If you want to see some pics from last year follow this link.

I will have some updated photos and news about how the ride went sometime either late Sunday or early Monday, after we are all finished.

Now, why ride a bicycle 330 miles you might ask?

I have no clue, I always crew because I think these cyclist folks are nuts.

Cute and fun, but nuts :)

This year, they have already raised over $260 thousand dollars. That is a lot of money for such a grass-roots fundraiser. I think they/we should be proud of the work we did.

The other reason I do this event is the spandex. Oh the spandex. 

See what I mean? Aside from the fact that we are raising money for HIV/AIDS services, who wouldn't want to spend 4 days working around men and women in spandex?


Talk to you in a few days!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Morningwood Monday

I so do not want to go to the office!

I have to though, I have to write a few dozen thank you cards to some donors from an event last Thursday.

We screened a new documentary called Positive Youth, directed by the hottie Charlie David.

The cutie on the bottom left panel is Austin, a friend of one of my staff at the office which was our "in" for getting this movie so fast after its production. Austin is a pretty popular DJ and nightclub personality. Some of his outfits are rather wild.

Charlie David, a veteran of the delish and campy gay cable series Dates Cove, several movies and couple of indie flicks, is also a producer and director in his own right. So not only is this guy a talented actor and a hottie, but he has talent offscreen as well. As if you could tell by looking at him.

Very good flick, more geared towards keeping a healthy mindset and the impact HIV has had on 4 young people.

It was absolutely NOT a prevention motivated movie at all. I actually left the film with the feeling that they were too much downplaying the impact and severity of HIV infection. This is both a personal bias and true of others who were at the screening who came up to talk to me about it afterwards.

Don't get me wrong. The movie was very very very good.  It's just, as an HIV prevention specialist for over 20 years, it left me wanting more in terms of reminding folks it is super important NOT to get HIV.

Especially young folks which the movie is geared for.

The movie's focus was more to push the chronic illness aspect, downplay the severity on infections in this modern day of treatment options, overlook the medicine side effects (one doc actually said there were little to no side effects anymore, a straight out lie and the one line that pissed me off in the whole film) and generally focus on the story of how it impacted the young people in the film and how they view themselves in the world today.

All told, well worth the viewing and I would recommend it to anyone who is newly infected.

I would not recommend it for a high school health class.

Yes, that is my bias speaking :)

Anywhore, on to some morning wood!

Only a couple three today, as I really must get to the office! I have no real time to enjoy them lol.

 I love how the light picks up the hairs on his legs and tush.

This picture just makes my blood flow. In a good way. I think its because his tummy looks so tense with anticipation...

Is he ready for mounting or what? I love a man who knows how to assume the position.

Have great Monday folks!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Furry Friday!

In spite of the warmth today, I am definitely in the mood for fur. Some days, I just can't seem to get enough of a furry belly or chest or buns. Its like they are magically attractive to me.

Since I started my weekend early and I have time to relax this afternoon I am going to treat myself to a few furry visions to stoke the fire until my husband gets home.

 Young and creamy furboys are quite a delight on a Friday afternoon...

Dark and mysterious furry men are even more fun after an afternoon cock-a-tail by the pond...

 If it gets too warm out we can retire into the air conditioned boudoir...

 and like a connoisseur of the flesh, I will nibble and tug on the furry chest before me...

I will try not to startle him too much as I describe my plans for him for the evening...

And of course, waiting in the wings, this man boy is next in line if he will hold still long enough! I may need to trip him up with a couple more cock-a-tails to slow him down for my nefarious purposes.

I hope your Friday is shaping up to be as fun as mine will be! Tonight I am attending a historical event - the first drag show ever to be held at the local gay leather/bear bar here in Sac. This should be fun!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Early mornings are really not my thing, but today, I was up and on a conference call at 4 fucking AM.

Why? Because I said I would be. Go figure. Sometimes I commit to things that during or afterward I wonder wtf am I doing here? Today was this way until the caffeine kicked in.

Now that I am fully awake, I heartily approve of the earliness of the morning :)

On with the day!

If this was calling me I would have missed my conference call...just sayin...

 Look how *happy* he is to be playing with his own tits!

This photo combines two of my favorite things. Well three actually. Four? Nipplage, Sweater, Hunky man, pubic shot...I just want to eat him up. In a good way, not a Hannibal Lector way, although I like fava beans too...

Yeah this would have distracted me from my call too...

I love a butch who is also playful. I wonder how painful the tit tattoos were? The gargoyle in my bikini line was quite the ouch to have done.

Aha! Again combining a few favorites, nipplage, hidden treasure hints, a damn nice tummy and chest hair!!!

Now that my motor is all revved up it is time to face the day! I hope you have a great Tuesday!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fruitcake Friday

I was almost in the mood for Furry Friday, but I am trying to pretend it is too warm for fur...AND i found this cute photo spread of some very sexy Fruitcake!

Greek and Roman inspired outfits are often titillating.

Even the wound on his torso doesn't stop this from being a sexy pic.
I think his corset is tight which is why he is scowling. Should we let it out a tad?

This last pic hints to me that things are about to get a lot more Greek soon, if you know what I mean...

A fashion question I cannot seem to find the answer for, so maybe I really need a gay anthropologist who specializes in ancient body customs - do you think the ancient Greeks or Romans shaved their chests? I means the statuary and paintings on pottery don't often show chest hair, but really, was that just because chest hair is so hard to carve maybe? Does anyone out there know?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy Bumpday!

While my workweek isn't really standard like my mom's is at IBM I still like to celebrate Bumpday as the middle of the week.

If nothing else, it is a pleasant distraction from the rigors of grant writing and budget balancing and client services.

I really enjoy wet undies and wet swimsuits. Especially when there is such a delectable Bump in them...

This Bump looks almost dangerous. I am a little afraid to let it out of its confinement but man o man do I really want to try it out.

Again with the wet...I just love how it accentuates everything...

 These fellas look like they are taking a quick break from playing a stripping in an abandoned building. At least that's the story I like to tell myself as I gaze at their manflesh.

This pic rocks in so many ways. The wrist bands, the T-Shirt, the club lighting, the really nice and hard Bump...Makes you wonder what the photographer did after snapping this shot, doesn't it?

I hope your Bumpday is wonderful and not dreary. If any of you feel like submitting your own pics for Bumpdays (Or Humpdays for that matter) in the future, please feel free! lol.