Monday, April 16, 2012

Morningwood Monday!

Ah-ho my friends! I have returned from the mountains of Santa Cruz CA where I spent several days as co-King of the kitchen supervising 12 other men in supporting a Man Kind Project initiation weekend.

We had fun in that kitchen, let me tell you!

The energy and pace required to feed and sustain 100 men for several days is quite simply put, significant.

Today I am tired and lazy and definitely in the mood for some morning wood that lasts all day :)

Also chocolate. We didn't have much of that on the weekend and i miss it.

So on with the manflesh!

I like to think the photographer reached up and took care of this when he was done with the camera.

I have enough energy to take care of these two today...and then some.
 Clearly this is an invitation for love...

Innocent lust is one of my favorite looks on a man.

Oh Ben, how I lust thee, let me count the ways...

Ohh, there is the rest of my pit crew today! I knew I had energy for a few more.

It would be lovely to finish the day off with a nice dessert of whipped man cream. He looks ready to serve some up.

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  1. Boy there is wood all over the place today! I served up nice lovely wood myself today!