Saturday, April 28, 2012

Laundry Day!

Oh me oh my, it has been a twirling crazy week.

Monday and Tuesday I was recovering from Coronation, where the 2012 Emperor and Empress were crowned. I had to dress pretty for this event.

I got to frolic with gogo boys...

I wasn't sure if this qualified as drag - it was more costumey than I am used too, however they had titles and were both past Empresses from another region, so I guess it was drag? Regardless, I LOVED them.

The lovely woman (and yes she is a woman in RL, a first for our Court), in fuchsia is the outgoing Empress Key, and I wanted to roll the bitch in the parking lot for her tiara.

The gentleman in the crown is outgoing Emperor Michael Kennedy, (also former Empress Misha). He has a fabulous reign as Emperor and is a dear friend of mine as well as a very talented painter/artist. His gallery in Sacramento is quite popular.

Wednesday I had meetings all day and had to dress pretty for these too.

We also had a visit from the pair of ducks that like our pond. I have mixed feelings about them. They eat my plants but they are also cute.

Thursday my agency was presented with a check for $1,500 from C.G.N.I.E. The Arch-Duck Gerald Filice held a fundraiser for us where he auctioned of sexy bachelor men and boys. I forgot the check was coming so I didn't dress pretty but I was in pink and light green, nice spring colors.

Now here it is Saturday and I am reduced to cutoffs and a raggedy button-up, which I don't mind terribly, but these aren't clothes I would wear out. So laundry must happen before I can go out into public this weekend.

I told the boy to stop playing in the undies and get to work... I am not sure where he came from, but he might be a stow-away from back when I borrowed the mistresses boys for chores.

He looks like his abs will stand up for a good sudsy scrubbing - I better get out my whites...

Look, he is pre-soaked! I love it when the boys get ready for me!

A recent addition to the stable, this laundry helper has the guns to do the work and the ridges to work against. I make do a few extra loads on him.

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  1. You always make laundry seem so fun! Next year I hope to attend Night of a Thousand Gowns our coranation in New York! All stops will have to be pulled out!!!