Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Humpday Bumpday!

It's that time again when we celebrate the middle of the week by focusing our attention on the 'middle' of some men!

I love speedos, have I mentioned that a 100 times yet?

Particularly when the man wearing them is getting excited....

I also love PDA - or really, public displays of sex. The affection is nice, but the sex is better. Stripping down a man in an alley loading dock and having my way with him? Hotness at its best.

This is why I couldn't wrestle in highschool. It was bad enough being on the swim team, but at least the water could hide my hardon if i slipped up...on the mat there is no where to hide when it turns you on to rub all over another guy.

The straps are framing this Hump so sweetly. It is not unlike a road map to success...

Doesn't this one look like he is daring you to appreciate it? I bet he turns into a screaming bottom given half a chance.

Again with the straps - and he knows how delectable he looks. See how he is pushing that tush up? Yeah, he wants the attention and most likely a tongue in there too.

Not the most perfect of bums, but certainly high on the scale - its the hot factor of showing off in the men's room that I like about this pic. This man knows naughty.

Well I hope I helped you enjoy your Humpday Bumpday. I know I got a lil happiness out of it. :)

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  1. yes , you lightened my day! guys 2,3 or 4 make my ass hurt just thinking about it!!!!!I could use a attitude adjustment And the one with the jock is making me want to toss a salad!