Friday, April 6, 2012

Fruitcake Furday!

I am in the mood for both some bright and tasty fruitcake and some luscious manfur, how about you?

Tucson (Mt. Lemmon actually), where I went last weekend to staff a men's retreat for the Man Kind Project, is a beautiful city.

Cacti, odd desert trees, wild flowers, incredibly friendly people. They even have a delightful little 'alternative lifestyle' shopping and dining neighborhood with PLENTY of hot men and edgy dykes wandering around and/or working behind the counters.

I encourage you to visit Tucson if you ever get the chance.

I know, pretty odd legging, isn't it? I mean, c'mon, he has to know he looks pretty fruity in this.
Butch fruit! Look at that serious face! I love it. I would try my best to be stern as I um...peeled his banana.
Tight pants, fetishy clothes, furry chest. Yup, he's a dream :)
Oh my word! These kids make me giggle and then want to toss them for a good fuck.
It is art. So no warning. It is also fruitcake. Cause I want to eat it, and maybe pet it. It obviously ain't going in anywhere with all those sharp ridges. I love it though. It's fucking gorgeous to me.
His face says to me "Ooooh, that's where the ice cube landed!"
Just enough fur to tug on, and plenty of man to wander my tongue over.

omg omg omg speaking of tongues, the things I wanna do to this furry ass! Baby jeebus grant my this prayer!
I love how this man is playing hide-n-seek with his goodies. His fur says butch, his pose says playful. His lips say feed me...

I hope you all have a glorious weekend!


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