Monday, April 30, 2012

Morningwood Mondays

Oh bother, I have to go to work today.

Mondays are supposed to be for fun and frolic in the sack.

Well, if I must go, then I will go out with a bang. Or two.

First I have to choose who my morning quickie will be with...

It is so hard to choose sometimes, the flavor choices are so different...

The equipment varies and so do the sport options...

Some look lazier than others and I have to decide how much work I want to put into this...

Then I like to shower and wash those intimate places where I am about to visit, but I have to make sure the shower doesn't finish the game lol...

 Gymnastics are a must in my bedroom - I require bendy partners to maximize my fun.

I truly hope your Monday is as fun as mine is starting out to be!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Laundry Day!

Oh me oh my, it has been a twirling crazy week.

Monday and Tuesday I was recovering from Coronation, where the 2012 Emperor and Empress were crowned. I had to dress pretty for this event.

I got to frolic with gogo boys...

I wasn't sure if this qualified as drag - it was more costumey than I am used too, however they had titles and were both past Empresses from another region, so I guess it was drag? Regardless, I LOVED them.

The lovely woman (and yes she is a woman in RL, a first for our Court), in fuchsia is the outgoing Empress Key, and I wanted to roll the bitch in the parking lot for her tiara.

The gentleman in the crown is outgoing Emperor Michael Kennedy, (also former Empress Misha). He has a fabulous reign as Emperor and is a dear friend of mine as well as a very talented painter/artist. His gallery in Sacramento is quite popular.

Wednesday I had meetings all day and had to dress pretty for these too.

We also had a visit from the pair of ducks that like our pond. I have mixed feelings about them. They eat my plants but they are also cute.

Thursday my agency was presented with a check for $1,500 from C.G.N.I.E. The Arch-Duck Gerald Filice held a fundraiser for us where he auctioned of sexy bachelor men and boys. I forgot the check was coming so I didn't dress pretty but I was in pink and light green, nice spring colors.

Now here it is Saturday and I am reduced to cutoffs and a raggedy button-up, which I don't mind terribly, but these aren't clothes I would wear out. So laundry must happen before I can go out into public this weekend.

I told the boy to stop playing in the undies and get to work... I am not sure where he came from, but he might be a stow-away from back when I borrowed the mistresses boys for chores.

He looks like his abs will stand up for a good sudsy scrubbing - I better get out my whites...

Look, he is pre-soaked! I love it when the boys get ready for me!

A recent addition to the stable, this laundry helper has the guns to do the work and the ridges to work against. I make do a few extra loads on him.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Humpday Bumpday!

It's that time again when we celebrate the middle of the week by focusing our attention on the 'middle' of some men!

I love speedos, have I mentioned that a 100 times yet?

Particularly when the man wearing them is getting excited....

I also love PDA - or really, public displays of sex. The affection is nice, but the sex is better. Stripping down a man in an alley loading dock and having my way with him? Hotness at its best.

This is why I couldn't wrestle in highschool. It was bad enough being on the swim team, but at least the water could hide my hardon if i slipped up...on the mat there is no where to hide when it turns you on to rub all over another guy.

The straps are framing this Hump so sweetly. It is not unlike a road map to success...

Doesn't this one look like he is daring you to appreciate it? I bet he turns into a screaming bottom given half a chance.

Again with the straps - and he knows how delectable he looks. See how he is pushing that tush up? Yeah, he wants the attention and most likely a tongue in there too.

Not the most perfect of bums, but certainly high on the scale - its the hot factor of showing off in the men's room that I like about this pic. This man knows naughty.

Well I hope I helped you enjoy your Humpday Bumpday. I know I got a lil happiness out of it. :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Titular Tuesdays

Had no time to enjoy the morningwood monday, but if I am lucky I can find some time today to enjoy some manly chests....

 One of my favorite models, this guys nips look like they are the sensitive make him moan kind.

 Cater waiters? Models? No matter, they have cute chests.

His chest looks like it has that silky soft hair that feels so good against your lips.
Sweaty cyclist tits! Yummy yummy yummy!
He looks too serious for his own good. Someone needs to run up and give him a purple nurple.

Don't they look like a gang of men hunting for a someone to ravish? Low slung sweats, masculine chests and low brow looks? Group rough trade at its best.
Someone catch him quick! He's running away! Oh, wait, he is running towards us! Good man! Let's get to work on that chest of yours!

Hope your Tuesday is delightful and full of fun. I hope mine will be too!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Furry Friday!

Wow, the mercury hit 90 degrees today here in sunny Sacramento CA.

Unusual for an April day, but certainly not unprecedented.

A delightful effect of the weather is the lack of clothing on college students when the weather spikes like this.

Some of the you men were surprisingly furry, but I was driving so pics couldn't happen.

I may go stalk the CSUS campus next week if the temps hold out.

Until then, here are some furry men for you to enjoy!

 I wish the hot men in my gym worked out like this...

 Makes me want to bite them....

A baby bear in the woods!
Rough trade in the city! Exactly my kind of fella :)

Have a great Furday folks!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Tits?

Finding a theme for Tuesdays is an evolving goal for me. Tuesday are always a bit of a quandary for me. They could be treasure hunts, vocabulary lessons, philosophical musings, general grumbling...

Personally I like the treasure hunts, but I think I am not going to pin those to a single day, because sometimes I am simply in the mood for a series of pics that tantalize and tease and that could be any day of the week. :)

SO... having said that, how about Tuesday Tits? The male kind of course, although I must admit an odd fascination with the female kind from time to time.

My brotherblogger Eric Arvin (also a fantastic and creative gay fiction author) likes to post some hot super muscular mantits every now and then, so I won't compete with those - but I will offer you the following for thoughts of biting and sucking and licking and general manhandling!

Young, slightly furry, a treasure trail to follow when you are done with that chest...

Smooth and probably quite firm and fun to suck, obviously needs some nibbling to perk them up!

A pair of nips that look like they have been tugged a few times and now I want my turn!

Longjohns have so many fun aspects, not the least of which is the tease factor...

Sporty tits are usually slightly salty, great to bite, and he looks like a squealer!

Shapely tits on a man make me want to run my tongue in the grooves and bite along that ridge.

A heartbeat tatt to give you a second goal while worshiping those tits - try to feel that heartbeat with your tongue!

Partyboy tits! He reminds me of a twink I used to f*ck who loved to have his tits pinched and pulled when bouncing on my d*ck.

Fit and not a bodybuilder type, tits like this college boy has turn pink and puffy when you play with them right!

Pouty faced men need a perk me up. Those nips are large enough for a meal - a happy meal of the gay kind!

Swimmer's tits - small, tight, firm with a body that is tight and firm to match. Smelling of chlorine and exercise. Truly my personal favorite - I was on swim-teams from middle school through high-school. Not really to be a great competitor (I was decent, not great and I didn't embarrass my team), but because I loved swimmer bodies, showering with men after swimming and helping guys shave... and trust me, I got to play with many, many more than most people would believe lol.

TTFN men, I hope you enjoy the post!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Morningwood Monday!

Ah-ho my friends! I have returned from the mountains of Santa Cruz CA where I spent several days as co-King of the kitchen supervising 12 other men in supporting a Man Kind Project initiation weekend.

We had fun in that kitchen, let me tell you!

The energy and pace required to feed and sustain 100 men for several days is quite simply put, significant.

Today I am tired and lazy and definitely in the mood for some morning wood that lasts all day :)

Also chocolate. We didn't have much of that on the weekend and i miss it.

So on with the manflesh!

I like to think the photographer reached up and took care of this when he was done with the camera.

I have enough energy to take care of these two today...and then some.
 Clearly this is an invitation for love...

Innocent lust is one of my favorite looks on a man.

Oh Ben, how I lust thee, let me count the ways...

Ohh, there is the rest of my pit crew today! I knew I had energy for a few more.

It would be lovely to finish the day off with a nice dessert of whipped man cream. He looks ready to serve some up.