Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Treasurehunt

It's raining today here in usually sunny Sacramento. About time to!

We haven't had nearly enough rain over the winter to fill our lakes and reservoirs. It is going to be a hot dry summer if things keep going this way.

I would worry, but luckily, I find it easy to distract myself with yummy men :)

Such a tease...

 I wonder if he will let me soap him up,
then I am sure to find that treasure...

 Is the treasure hidden in his mouth?
or is it still in the pants...can't quite tell :p

An excellent example of leaving just
enough to the imagination...

 This lil' pic of Simon
(whose lil' Simon ain't so lil')
combines two fetishes of mine...
sweaters and hidden treasure -
and tossing Simon into the mix
just makes it doubleplus good for me!

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