Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Late Night Humpday Celebration! With some Bumps for good measure!

It has been a long and mind-numbing day. I won't explain for fear of putting you to sleep.

I do however have reason to celebrate! Don't we all? Its Humpday!

Please enjoy these selections and may they fuel your passions and dreams this evening...

 I would be happy to help him with a load...

He might need a sports massage....

 A man in uniform is good to find!

 Runners Hump - high and tight!

 I love a man in all over undies!
Its like unwrapping a present!

 He obviously needs help dropping trou.

  Poor thing! I can help that swelling go down...

I want to play with his driveshaft!

Have a great Wednesday night!

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