Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Humpday Bumpday!

I am off for Tucson Arizona to participate in staffing a men's initiation weekend for gay/bi/trans/questioning men.

I leave behind most of my technology - where I am going there is no wireless, no cell coverage and only one land line so I can't even use dial up. I'll have my phone for using when I am in Tucson proper, but once we go up the mountain nearby it's a wash.

This will be hard on me. I am very much adapted to my tech lifestyle. 5 days at low tech living is going to test me.

The previous times I have supported a workshop, I was in areas with cell coverage so at least I could hotspot my laptop. I can't even do that where I am going.

Since I won't be back or available for days and days, I picked delightful examples of men to tease your imagination...

Rough Trade

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  1. I could totally get into the ass on the hooker!