Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Oh Em Gee - your browser might take awhile to get all these today!

Happy St. Patrick's Day for those of you who celebrate it - for some people - Neo-Pagans and Celts - this isn't the happiest of holidays as it is celebrating the ousting of Druids from the Isles. Not a happy occasion for them really.

Druids were the pre-christian priests and priestesses involved with nature, gods and goddesses, occasional (as in annual) sacrifice of criminals, fertility, blessings, etc.

The Horned God (versions of which go back further than Pan, Dionysus and Osiris)  and the Goddess as a triple diety - maiden, matron, crone - were part of the Druidic culture.

Many cathedrals and churches in the British Isles that are dedicated to Mary are actually built onthe same sites as Druidic goddess shrines.

I personally like to celebrate this holiday by going out and pinching cute men who aren't wearing green. I get some funny looks but its worth the risk.

Like last year, I am going to go out and spend some time searching for men to pinch - and I am hoping Homo Depot, the grocery store, Ikea and dog park will reward me with a few!

I also ransacked my screensaver pic collection for men in green for you to review - over 80 pics here for you to ruminate on...isn't that a fun word?



















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  1. I hope you were successful my friend! I was out and about meself. Found two shilleighs to multi task with, and a good time was had by all! I think we may need some more photos here though,lol! And am dying to see the last guy held his bananna!