Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday is Housecleaning day....

Author and blogger-friend Eric Arvin has started a new posting game at his blog... Song & Man.

It has inspired me to listen to fun music while I clean today. I am rounding up the houseboys and its about time to get to work!
Houseboys taking care of last minute business
before I put them to work
My floors need scrubbing,
I am going to enjoy him on his knees.
He is supposed to be taking the spring furniture
out of the garden shed, not lounging!
My bookshelves are out of order, so I
acquired a part time librarian.
He is helping me change the bedding...yeah that's it.
Thank god he is moving the hay to the garden beds!
My back hurts just looking at hay bales.
After chores, he is going to help me touch up my roots....
and after my hair is done, he is going to help
me with a new exercise regimen...

 So many things to do today, so little time. Thank goodness the boys are back....

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  1. When three of my houseboys were stolen during my robbery, I never even supsected you my dear!!! And two of them were twins!!! hmmmmmmmmmmmmm