Monday, February 27, 2012

Morningwood Monday

What a weekend!

I am still recovering from a chest infection and follow-up cold so I spent a large portion of the weekend in bed. Relaxing, I swear!
Somedays its more than the coffee
that really gets me going...
The husband worked hard and got all sweaty moving stones and hand tilling the garden. It was lovely. (wink)

Which brings us to today...lascivious thoughts starting out my workweek. Good thing I usually sit behind a desk!
I want to trim his hair, but the come
hither face wins points for me.
Something about BG...he is usally cute,
but now and then he hits the HOT
meter like something dangerous. Mmph.
I want to trace that treasure trail with my tongue cause I
know there is a prize waiting for my efforts!
Perhaps for a new houseboy? The Mistress keeps
taking them back when they follow me home.
He looks big and dumb, just how
I like them...

Off I go, to that lovely place I call work.

Drop by, keep me company! I promise stimulating conversations....

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