Friday, February 24, 2012

Fruitcake Friday!

Ah Friday! It has been a pretty good week, so I am in a perky mood.

Perky moods call for fruitcake!

A dear friend's husband wears kilts daily. He is definitely
fruitcake material, even if he is straight. ish.
The Santa Speedo run draws fruitcakes
from all over. These boys are nuts.
Circus people creep me out. If it weren't
for the fact that they are funny too,
I would think they are too creepy
to be fruitcake.
I love furry men and men in fur, but
this pic qualifies as fruitcake for sure.
Props to the artist that 'shopped the costume on this guy.
One of my favorite actors and definitely a fruitcake.
If you have never seen him conversing about
his cock ring under his kilt, you are
seriously missing out.

Do you recognize him in this outfit?

I do so hope your Friday is splendid!

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