Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Humday Bumpday!

Oh Wednesday, a favored day of the week! Not favorite, mind you, just favored. Largely because it comes with a ready made excuse to review Humps and Bumps (a favored pastime) for posting...

Reno was fun, saw some gogo boys, cooked two delicious dinners for my bff, ate dinner at a really good restaurant and spent two days thrifting and antiquing. Fun fun fun. Especially the boys.

There was one waiter at the restaurant who strongly resembled my husband as he was when I met him 21 years ago, and he was flirty and liked my tiara. Oooh that made sitting a little...hard. ...

Isn't it pretty? It looked great in my bleached blond hair!
Yes, there were tiaras invloved. It was a birthday after all! Her mother and I took her tiara shopping the first day we were there and then we all wore our tiaras all weekend whenever we went out.

Both of these lovlies make my mouth water. I don't know if it was because I Was away from the hubby for 4 days or what, but I have been randier than usual the last few days.

These fellas are an inspiration to sportsters all over. I am 99% sure that's a tennis ball in his pocket, but its a fun thought to think about, just in case it isn't...and spandex cycling shorts rarely look this good...

Anyone want to go explore the rail-yards with me? I'll bring the camera, you bring the man-capture net.
I liked Jack M a little more before he had the work done, but at least he kept his best Asset natural.

Tub boi looks like he is just waiting for me to come in with the wash cloth and get started...and shower boi has left the door open for us to join him!


Last but not least, a cherubic Hump for your consideration. Yes, he looks young, but cherubs never age, so don't worry about that :)

Have a great rest of the week my friends!

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  1. You could have put just the picture of Jack in the post and it would have been perfect! That man has one of the best asses and cocks around! He is one of three men that get me at hello!!!