Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Beautiful Fantastic Humerous Loving Grateful Humpday Bumpday!

Too many adjectives?
Part forecast, part hope, part promise - that is what today's blog title is.

Want some fun? Go check out the interesting pics
at You'd better wise up, Janet Weiss a relatively
new tumblr blog by a wonderful man living
in the Nederlands. His hubby also
has a blog that I enjoy reading almost daily.
The last Humpday Bumpday before I return to work...which is exciting, sad and wonderful.

I have had the good fortune to have been granted over two months off by the Board of Directors of my company Breaking Barriers in order to recharge my emotional and mental batteries so that the agency (and I) will be working at peak performance for 2012.

I had not taken more than a day or two here and there off work (other than having the flu and pneumonia back in October of 2010) since August of 2009. I was bedraggled, exhausted, worn out, without creativity or drive to do much beyond slog along day to day. Very much not my norm, but it had been a couple of years fo hard fiscal decisions, program cuts, layoffs and hard won failures and successes that had drained me. Or rather, that I had allowed to drain me (grin).

If my Board hadn't stepped in with a strong recommendation that I take paid time off and recharge, I think I wouldn't have lasted much longer. Sad really, considering that I have invested 16 years of my professional life in this agency. I am grateful they pushed me into this break.

My office might more fun if it was more like this!
Its hard (lol) to find non-x rated pics of Adams fine Hump...

The beginning of my time off was almost as stressful as being at work, as it took me almost three weeks to relax into the concept that I could let go of the office and trust it to be taken care of. Which my head knew but my subconscious wouldn't believe.

In the days before photoshop and its like,
this would have required blue dye in the
water and the poor boy would have looked
Luckily, as time wore on, I began to settle into the pace of not being at work and focusing more on myself, my relationship with my husband, my house, my pets, my family etc...

Don't you wish catalog undies looked as good
on you as they do on the models? My theory
is that there is duct tap on his
butt to make the material sit just right...
I went shopping, worked on my three year long honey-do list and basically tried to get back in touch with the inner me that used to enjoy working and loved being in the local gay community.
I want Ben to come visit me (us), but then
I would want to lick him all over and
I am not entirely sure he would be open to that.
He seems to be straightish - but his blog
is confusing on the subject - I think he
is playing smart to hang onto his huge gay following.

Regardless, he is so totally lickable.

I think it worked, because I am actually excited about hitting the office next week!
This is the kind of pic that makes me want
to get in between there and tickle that ridge
with my tongue to see what it becomes.

So in just three days, back to work I go... with excitement, a little fear (what if all the stress just comes right back and I am useless again), plans for new programs and fundraising, and a hell of a lot more energy and creativity than I had just a couple of months ago.

Wish me well!

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  1. Well you did all the right things! Sounds like your positive and have a good outlook. Your firm must really like you and your work in order to give you the time off, because many companies now just get rid of you. And as always great eye candy!!!!! gOOD LUCK AT WORK and keep us posted!