Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Fruitcakes!

It's raining...not men, but still hallelujah!

California has had one of the least wet winters in recent years - so dry in fact that most of the ski resorts have only a single lift and a couple of skin runs open - and they had to make their own snow! 

In celebration of the arrival of winter rains and hopefully snows, I bring you some fun fellas to brighten your Friday!
The beginning of the bunny nation revolution!
Fashion fopaw. Yes.  I misspelled it.
He deserves no less.
I love Mr. Sagat but sometimes I gotta
laugh at the outfits...
A hot mess. Just sayin...
I want to tie him up and do stuff...
I wish I had seen this show!
 That's it for now, hope you have a blast this weekend! I am off to Reno for a show and to visit friends!

With any luck the highways will close and I will be stuck there for a few days!

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