Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Fruitcake!

Oh good morning!

It is a chilly day outside here in usually comfortable California. Yes, it is Winter, I get it. Still, I distinctly remember requesting warmth the last time I sat down with Ma Nature for a chat. She is such a fickle chick.

He is almost a fruitcake what with
the hat and shiny coat.

This isn't boogieboard weather,
let me tell you!
Not quite cold enough to need a full dose of fur though, so I am going to stay in Fruitcake mode to keep my spirits up :P

He had better wear a liner if he doesn't want
really funny looking dimples all over his fun parts!
Art for arts sake? Or just silly? You be the judge...
Totally fruitcake here, I mean you
never accessorize with a mask
to play futbal. c'mon now...
No comment. Can't be polite anymore.
The houseboy is back! Look what kind of trouble
he got into doing laundry!
I just asked him to clean the sheets...
now where did I put those restraints?
I have a full agenda today - get my friend's convertible smog-checked (Yay!), make candles (Yay!), design a sofa/couch (Boo!), deconstruct an existing sofa/couch (Yay!)!

I may check in on y'all later, so have a good Friday!

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