Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sundays are for Zombies

Yes, yes, usually Sundays are for worshiping something. Getoverit.
I have been down, down, down, since my return from Reno, where I had a mostly fun time. Sadly, something about the rapid changes in altitude (my theory) enabled a lingering yet simple light cold to become the chest infection from aitch eee double ell. 
By Tuesday last week, I was feeling shitty. Wednesday I was maintaining my defenses and denying the evil inside me, but by Thursday I was emailing the doc cause everything coming out of my lungs and sinuses was neon colored in-spite of my denial.
Friday found me in the doc office, being poked and prodded and listened too. The poking could have been more fun. My doc sure is cute :P, but alas we are both already married to wonderful men.

I was sent home with a Zpac (some of you will now what this is) and told not to take it unless the fever went over 101.
He also said I was not to treat the fever (boooo!) unless it went over 102. Then I could zap it down with ibuprofen.

So I went home with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I didn't want to get any sicker than I already was, but on the other hand, if I did get sicker there was a chance I might feel better faster if the antibiotics and ibuprofen helped at all. What a quandary. If only we had a Decider to help us.
 So....yesterday around 5pm it all came together - after languishing all day in a bitchy achy fever mood on the couch, the heat finally went from 100.6 to 102.2 and stayed there. Yippee! You know it! A double win!
I summoned Cabana Boy Nurse Betty (my hubby) and he opened the sacred pill bottles and presented me with the magically invested cock-a-tail and crossed his fingers.

Which brings us to today! Not 100% better, but I have no fever,there is much less coughing, and less head congestion. 
Regardless if it was the fever or pills, I feel better and less likely to fall over everytime I stand up to do the zombie dance, which is grand, and I am much less whiny and bitchy which makes Cabana Boy Nurse Betty much happier too...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Humday Bumpday!

Oh Wednesday, a favored day of the week! Not favorite, mind you, just favored. Largely because it comes with a ready made excuse to review Humps and Bumps (a favored pastime) for posting...

Reno was fun, saw some gogo boys, cooked two delicious dinners for my bff, ate dinner at a really good restaurant and spent two days thrifting and antiquing. Fun fun fun. Especially the boys.

There was one waiter at the restaurant who strongly resembled my husband as he was when I met him 21 years ago, and he was flirty and liked my tiara. Oooh that made sitting a little...hard. ...

Isn't it pretty? It looked great in my bleached blond hair!
Yes, there were tiaras invloved. It was a birthday after all! Her mother and I took her tiara shopping the first day we were there and then we all wore our tiaras all weekend whenever we went out.

Both of these lovlies make my mouth water. I don't know if it was because I Was away from the hubby for 4 days or what, but I have been randier than usual the last few days.

These fellas are an inspiration to sportsters all over. I am 99% sure that's a tennis ball in his pocket, but its a fun thought to think about, just in case it isn't...and spandex cycling shorts rarely look this good...

Anyone want to go explore the rail-yards with me? I'll bring the camera, you bring the man-capture net.
I liked Jack M a little more before he had the work done, but at least he kept his best Asset natural.

Tub boi looks like he is just waiting for me to come in with the wash cloth and get started...and shower boi has left the door open for us to join him!


Last but not least, a cherubic Hump for your consideration. Yes, he looks young, but cherubs never age, so don't worry about that :)

Have a great rest of the week my friends!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Fruitcakes!

It's raining...not men, but still hallelujah!

California has had one of the least wet winters in recent years - so dry in fact that most of the ski resorts have only a single lift and a couple of skin runs open - and they had to make their own snow! 

In celebration of the arrival of winter rains and hopefully snows, I bring you some fun fellas to brighten your Friday!
The beginning of the bunny nation revolution!
Fashion fopaw. Yes.  I misspelled it.
He deserves no less.
I love Mr. Sagat but sometimes I gotta
laugh at the outfits...
A hot mess. Just sayin...
I want to tie him up and do stuff...
I wish I had seen this show!
 That's it for now, hope you have a blast this weekend! I am off to Reno for a show and to visit friends!

With any luck the highways will close and I will be stuck there for a few days!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursdays are for Hidden Treasure

It has been awhile since I have posted a Hidden Treasure post so I thought I would dig through my pics and try to come up with a fun selection for our viewing pleasure...

 Just nudge that little towelette a little bit, would you? C'mon just reach over and do it, I dare you...

 Oooh, oooh, just a another inch, lean this way please? let it fall out!
Not sure which I want more, for him to reach in and pull it out for me, or for him to play with it in his pants, which can be so delightfully naughty...

 Spread em! No, really, just spread em a tad for me, would you?

 How tempting was it to the photographer to just reach over and lift that red stripe just a tiny touch...?

I wouldn't mind being his towel boy, would you?
He almost looks sad, but he is a cowboy, so it is hard to tell his emotions....

Oh I like this game. It can be more fun than nudity (which is totally fun imo) - it lets the mind run wild...the mystery in itself is what makes it hot...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Beautiful Fantastic Humerous Loving Grateful Humpday Bumpday!

Too many adjectives?
Part forecast, part hope, part promise - that is what today's blog title is.

Want some fun? Go check out the interesting pics
at You'd better wise up, Janet Weiss a relatively
new tumblr blog by a wonderful man living
in the Nederlands. His hubby also
has a blog that I enjoy reading almost daily.
The last Humpday Bumpday before I return to work...which is exciting, sad and wonderful.

I have had the good fortune to have been granted over two months off by the Board of Directors of my company Breaking Barriers in order to recharge my emotional and mental batteries so that the agency (and I) will be working at peak performance for 2012.

I had not taken more than a day or two here and there off work (other than having the flu and pneumonia back in October of 2010) since August of 2009. I was bedraggled, exhausted, worn out, without creativity or drive to do much beyond slog along day to day. Very much not my norm, but it had been a couple of years fo hard fiscal decisions, program cuts, layoffs and hard won failures and successes that had drained me. Or rather, that I had allowed to drain me (grin).

If my Board hadn't stepped in with a strong recommendation that I take paid time off and recharge, I think I wouldn't have lasted much longer. Sad really, considering that I have invested 16 years of my professional life in this agency. I am grateful they pushed me into this break.

My office might more fun if it was more like this!
Its hard (lol) to find non-x rated pics of Adams fine Hump...

The beginning of my time off was almost as stressful as being at work, as it took me almost three weeks to relax into the concept that I could let go of the office and trust it to be taken care of. Which my head knew but my subconscious wouldn't believe.

In the days before photoshop and its like,
this would have required blue dye in the
water and the poor boy would have looked
Luckily, as time wore on, I began to settle into the pace of not being at work and focusing more on myself, my relationship with my husband, my house, my pets, my family etc...

Don't you wish catalog undies looked as good
on you as they do on the models? My theory
is that there is duct tap on his
butt to make the material sit just right...
I went shopping, worked on my three year long honey-do list and basically tried to get back in touch with the inner me that used to enjoy working and loved being in the local gay community.
I want Ben to come visit me (us), but then
I would want to lick him all over and
I am not entirely sure he would be open to that.
He seems to be straightish - but his blog
is confusing on the subject - I think he
is playing smart to hang onto his huge gay following.

Regardless, he is so totally lickable.

I think it worked, because I am actually excited about hitting the office next week!
This is the kind of pic that makes me want
to get in between there and tickle that ridge
with my tongue to see what it becomes.

So in just three days, back to work I go... with excitement, a little fear (what if all the stress just comes right back and I am useless again), plans for new programs and fundraising, and a hell of a lot more energy and creativity than I had just a couple of months ago.

Wish me well!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Fruitcake!

Oh good morning!

It is a chilly day outside here in usually comfortable California. Yes, it is Winter, I get it. Still, I distinctly remember requesting warmth the last time I sat down with Ma Nature for a chat. She is such a fickle chick.

He is almost a fruitcake what with
the hat and shiny coat.

This isn't boogieboard weather,
let me tell you!
Not quite cold enough to need a full dose of fur though, so I am going to stay in Fruitcake mode to keep my spirits up :P

He had better wear a liner if he doesn't want
really funny looking dimples all over his fun parts!
Art for arts sake? Or just silly? You be the judge...
Totally fruitcake here, I mean you
never accessorize with a mask
to play futbal. c'mon now...
No comment. Can't be polite anymore.
The houseboy is back! Look what kind of trouble
he got into doing laundry!
I just asked him to clean the sheets...
now where did I put those restraints?
I have a full agenda today - get my friend's convertible smog-checked (Yay!), make candles (Yay!), design a sofa/couch (Boo!), deconstruct an existing sofa/couch (Yay!)!

I may check in on y'all later, so have a good Friday!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Headachey Humpday Bumpday :(

Woke up at 5am today with a roaring pounding headache.

So innocent looking...he just might be virginal, but I doubt it :P

I think the gods and goddesses were punishing me for failing to sacrifice a virgin on my birthday, but those guys are in such high demand I didn't want to waste one yesterday.

I don't even drink so this isn't a hangover from my birthday, it's just karma I think...

I must focus on other things to make this pain retreat...

Cartoon bumps are looking better these days
mmmmph, oops, my mouth stopped working there for a moment..
He may be approaching perfection - sexycute, in nice undies, ready with coffee...that's damn near perfect.

So my recipe for headache removal is this so far today:

Almost total darkness
Contemplating nature in my backyard...
Peeing carefully cause when my head hurts my aim is
Flexing my glutes to try and take the focus off my head

And later I think I might invite the husband to do some pushups ans see if he can't make me feel better...
In the event that doesn't work, at least I will have some pleasure amidst the pain!

Extra food for thought - Have you seen this guy in this particular photo shoot? I can only find 2 pics but there has to be more. I want them! If anyone knows where to find them please drop me a note with the link :)

He looks like he is bad and will make you bad too, in really good ways...