Monday, December 5, 2011

Morning Wood Mondays!

Oh hello there my friends! I find it difficult to even remember which day of the week it is since it doesn't really matter right now :P

Something nice and thick to wake up to!

I have been ever so lazy lately, what with the long vacation and all still going on.

I haven't been a total layabout but some days I feel like just sleeping in till 2pm and I would do it more often if this guy was in bed with me!

Let's see...since I last checked in, it was a few days before the Sacred Turkey day. Spent that day with family, doing the usual. Nothing exciting there, just the usual love, fun and food.

I have been cycling and exercising on my vacation. No this isn't me, but yes I look good in spandex :), this guy strongly resembles an ex (except the ex is better hung) who is still a friend and still wants to be a fwb (he isn't though, sigh) even after 22 years. yuuuuuuummmmmmy.

Oh yeah, me and the husband - we are doing a lot better - now that he has gone back on one of his meds (omgty) and is beginning to recognize that some people (possibly him, for sure me) just don't have brains that function in a healthy manner without some form of chemical support, and that one should NEVER quit them cold turkey. Chaos can result and it did.

If the husband would simply dress like this and wait for me in bed a lot of our problems would be solved...and yes his ass looks this good in a jock. When we first were dating I nicknamed him HB for hairybutt - most of our friends thought it was for honey-bun. Silly people.

Luckily, as was predicted, waiting out the storm of emotion and chaos, talking through a lot of the rough patches, making sure to not ignore the real issues that came up yet acknowledging the insane and paranoid parts resulted in what appears to be a renewed bond between us. Time will tell, but I have a feeling it is true.

Pics like this make we want to run across the street and nibble on the hunky neighbor of mine. Woof!
 Do have a great Monday! I know I will :P

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  1. Well, it's about high time you made a appearance! I like to wake up to nice and thick.......