Friday, December 23, 2011

Furry Friday with a twist!

Okay, normally I would be posting men with hot furry bodies...

An excellent example of furry yumminess!

But last night we had a HARD frost.

Now for those of you in the mountains or back east, this is nothing special or unusual, but to me - here in the North Central Valley of the sunny state of California - many hours of mid 20s weather is scary and plain wrong!

You cold land folk prolly look like this all the time.

I had to cover plants and bundle up pipes and shit.

I was NOT smiling like this snowlad.
So in addition to bitching about the weather, I am changing up my Furry Friday a bit and focusing on one of the fetishes that makes me so so happy...MEN IN SWEATERS! Thats sorta furry, right?

I know I have mentioned before that there is something about a man in a sweater that just makes me burn with desire. These are a few pics form my collection, and while they all seem to be relatively hairless in my usual preference, they still rock me :)

5o'clock shadow and a sweater - double duty dirty lust for me. Thanks fella!
The heavy brow look makes me think of cavemen. At least the sweater is hot :P
This hottie looks like he wants me to slide my hand inside that sweater and check the fit...
Funny enough, I dislike hoodies in general but a hoody sweater combo? Okay, it'll do.
Big bulky cable-knits are actually my primo favorite types of sweaters. This one is totally hot imo. It almost doesn't matter what the guy looks like, a sixpack is not required, in fact, a chubby bear type is just as sexy to me as a hunk, but then, this is a fetish, lol. I would dress the hubby (who is so not a bear - perhaps an otter? Definitely a badger...) in cable-knits all the time if he would let me.
I don't normally even think he is worth a second look, but in a sweater? Yeah, I would do it.
"Simon Kaplinksy" (just one of his names) does it for me on many levels, but in a sweater? All I can say is oh fuck, that is hot.
This loverman shows that though he manscapes the chest, what is growing in proves he would probably be right my up alley bodyhair wise...I wonder if I can find him shirtless and natural chested? That would make a nice future post.
Here's hoping your day is warmer that mine! At least my baby citrus trees survived, though my perennials that were lasting deeper into winter than usual are totally crapped out. It was inevitable, but I did enjoy the extra flowers in winter until last night :)

Happy xmas weeknd folks!

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