Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Fruitcakes! Bunny Style!

While perusing the interwebz the other day I came across this fabulous photo set by Mariano Vivanco.

Of course I had to pass a link on to everyone's favorite webbunnymaster David Dust, whose interest in bunnies is second to no one in this fair land.

It was difficult to sit on these pics for a few days waiting for a Fruitcake Friday to roll around but I enforced strict mental controls to ensure I didn't cave in!

I hope you approve of my choices :P I feel this collection blends the perfect amount of cheekiness and sexiness while poking fun at an iconic heterosexual image.

Before you interpret that statement as my disapproval of Playboy and/or Hugh Hefner, let me tell you that regardless of the objectification aspect, Playboy is a classy mag in a field of tacky and cheap productions! More importantly though - Hugh Hefner was one of the first leaders of the the adult entertainment print media industry to endorse and fund HIV prevention work across the board from gay/bi men to heterosexual folk and Hugh put his money into prevention work before almost anyone else in the industry. He will always have my respect for his support of disease prevention.

Now go enjoy these fun photos by Mr. Vivanco!


I hope that makeup is sugar based cause I want to lick it off of him!

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