Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Fruitcake! A holiday tradition!

Oh my goodness!

A friend of ours, Mark, made us a small bundt shaped fruitcake that was delish but I could only eat a tiny bite as it was SO full of brandy that it felt like I was being fumigated when I nibbled it. The hubby ate it all and boy was he tipsy lol.

This isn't it of course, but it did look like this :P I forgot to take its pic before the hubby swallowed it all.
As the year winds down to a close, I always like to take time to reflect on things I have done, things I might like to do, things I am proud of doing, etc...

A pic of all of us (yes I am in here) from the retreat I attended in October -  a definite highpoint in my year!
I lost a few friends to disease, accidents and old age, but I also gained a few friends through reaching out and risking intimacy. Oddly, while it doesn't balance, it definitely feels good to keep my circle growing.

I try not to ponder the losses as much as the gains, but some folks just leave a gap in my life that is too big to ignore when they die.

The Chattin family tartan - my friend Rosetoes wears it with pride, I think it is scary, but then I am not Scottish so I am not really allowed an opinion! lol

I terribly miss my dear friend Rose who was 92 1/2 when she died last spring. This lady had seen some things! She was fun, spirited, flirtatious (yes even at 92) and had a 60 year old boyfriend when she died. She left a huge gap with her death. Rose was the last of my 'adopted' grandparents and I teared up yet again just the other day when I realized I wasn't going to get one of her beautiful, long, hand written letters and Christmas cards this year - the first Christmas I wouldn't get one in 26 years...

On a positive note, Rose was one of those rare elders who thought sex was a good thing and didn't mind making the occasional randy joke, loved my husband the minute she met him over 2 decades ago, gleefully attended our wedding and bragged about it to all of her friends. She loved to dance and party it up like a woman 1/2 her age. I love her and will cherish her memories.

While I didn't "do" the boy with the tattoo, he did whip it out for us at the Folsom Street Fair. Trust me, it is delicious looking..and he was a real sweetheart.

These men were just a few whose pics from the Folsom street fair made it into the spank bank.

I have a few new men friends that would be right at home in this pic.

I love meeting porn stars in person. It is just so much fun!
Daddies in my dreams!
OMG the time this must have taken.  I remember he smelled good too.

Just a recap of Folsom, thought it might be enjoyable :)

A last piece of fruitcake for your viewing pleasure...

All in all I would have to say that 2011 was a winning year for me. Let's hope it was for you too!

If I don't blog at you again before the new year, have a blast this weekend!

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  1. Well I have 5 guys coming tonight for dinner so there will be plenty of fruitcake honey!!! And sonce my in a apartment two will have to share my bed, oh dear! But I wish you a very Happy New Year filled with peace and more lovin! Now where is that very hot daddy??????