Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bah Humbug! But not really...

Yes, a lot of other people are celebrating xmas eve. Bleh. Never one of my favorite holidays. Chalk it up to childhood family experiences. Some families shouldn't be allowed to converge for any reason, even funerals and weddings.

Well, maybe if the funeral was here, its pretty here :P
Don't get me wrong, I hardly had the worst upbringing, this stuff is all relative (no pun intended).

One one side at least - the Italian/Sicilian side - which had a few total gems mind you, but as a whole, were just always a little less friendly and more cold than the okie/arkie side of my family. BTW the two never mingled. Which might actually have been fun.

The food from the Sicilian side of the family
was most definitely worth keeping...

The okie/arkie side of the family - I could never get enough of them. To this day, that is the side of the family I stay in contact with the most and truly love visiting. Even the gruffest and most hillbilly of those relatives is still more loving and endearing to me and my husband than almost anyone on the other side of the family.

He reminds me of one of my favorite cousins as a kid.

This wonderful side of my family isn't getting together until tomorrow and we won't be visiting them this year as it is the Husband's family's turn since my family got us for Turkey Sacrifice Day.

So today, we are at home, doing a little cooking, looking at cute men on the interwebs and listening to fun non-holiday music - and looking forward to seeing my mother-in-law Teddy tomorrow - a woman I admire and love dearly :)

No its not really my MIL but I love her almost as much! The hubby's mom had a brain lesion a few years ago and hasn't remembered my name since. Still loves me though :)

I hope your day has been full of fun laughter and joy. Mine has been :)

If it hasn't, then I leave you with a couple of parting pictures...of sweater guys!!! Cause I think they can brighten anyone's day!

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