Monday, November 7, 2011

Morningwood Mondays!

 My, oh my, what a busy weekend!

First, I ran up and over to Reno, NV for the weekend to spend time with Rose (my BFF and mother of my Godson).

My hubby was on a men's weekend thingy, so I was without assisted relief for my morning problems all weekend! This did not make Craig a very satisfied man.

No its not me you goobers. It does however pretty accurately depict my state for a large part of the weekend.

We bummed around town shopping and she and her hubby Scott took me on a whirlwind tour of the gay bars in Reno.

The Bear/Biker bar

The dance bar

The casual hang out place
The Patio
Then Saturday night we went to see the fantastic Cyndi Lauper in a small concert in the ball room of a casino. OMG it was fanfuckingtasic! She rocks!

I think I probably cried three different times during her show. Some of her music just brings up powerful memories and emotions for me.

Then Sunday morning I was awoken to the gently creaking sounds of my BFF and her hubby trying to have quite morning sex in the other end of the house.

So once again I was like

So I went online and looked at pictures of hot men and sent my hubby a text that he couldn't get till later that I REALLY missed

I am not really a footsie kinda guy, I mean they are okay and don't gross me out, but they aren't my THING. you know? But this pic? I really really like it. Just sayin.

This is more my style of what I usually want to pounce on. He looks like he could withstand my attentions without breaking and that delightful muscly bubble butt. Mmmmmmmph! Now, if he was 20 years older he would be perfect. Oh wait, I have one of those already! I wonder if the hubby will be waiting for me at home?

Hope your weekend was as great as mine was! Physical frustrations aside, I had an absolutely wonderful time in Reno :)

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  1. You answered my question. I was going to ask if that was you in that first pic. I thinking maybe I need to make a trip............ Hope your week in looking "up"!