Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Humpday Bumpday!

Another week halfway gone!

Omg I could bury my face in that.
Time flies when I am having fun. Which I am not having this week, so it's been a serious drag on my psyche... I know this isn't the lightest of posts, but its where I am this Humpday Bumpday :) So thats what ya get :P

The husband and I have been at each other all week, and not in a good way :( . Luckily we have 20+ years experience trying to work on our communication and not push each and every hot button the other has. Unluckily, we have 20+ years experience of learning just exactly how to push each and every hot button the other has lol.

Let's just say its been really really rough - not physically mind you, other than the fatigue that comes with emotional exhaustion.

We had a couple of physical throw downs very early in our relationship and we got our asses to counseling quick to avoid that becoming a cycle for us. We were men after all, and men are not really taught how to deal with anger in non physical ways.

Wrestling is something we have given serious thought to. Besides probably leading to make up sex, it can be a great use of extra emotional energy.

One thing we have recently not agreed on is that long ago I promised him I wouldn't get any more tattoos without his prior approval. I deeply regret that now. It's my body and I think it's my decision. So I need to find a way to renegotiate this.

That is not what this latest rough patch is about, but I mention it because our relationship is packed with agreements that are stale and uncomfortable. You would think we were lawyers negotiating a treaty rather than lovers and husbands.

I thought we were seriously headed for divorce on Morning Wood Monday night - a day which had started out with such promise! Things had gotten sick between us by that evening and Monday night was a hell I don't want to live through again any time soon.

Doesn't he look like he is looking for the lube/body wash? I can help him find it right over here...
In all seriousness though, I predict the hubby and I will get through this. I believe this even though it isn't going to be an easy ride or smooth path and even though it really doesn't feel like it in the heat of the moment or the depths of the pain and tears.

Neither of us is likely to throw in the towel on 20 years of love and marriage. It just feels like hell sometimes when you are battling it out and confused about why you are fighting and just wanting the pain to end and find that safe warm spot you used to live in. If that makes any sense.

That's it for me for now! I am off to find something to distract my mind ...


  1. Sosorry to hear about the row. The Boy-Toy and I split up after 11 years,right before you started reading. In those 11 years years we had maybe two fights, so I don't think it matters how often one fights. I sucks to go to bed mad too. We usually had make up sex and all would be good. I'm sure you two will come out fine. But if you guys fight in untards like those pictures of wresting, can I come fight too?

  2. You are totally invited to our wrestling match! lol