Friday, November 11, 2011

Furry Friday, Of Course!


For Sacramento California that is. I imagine the canooks and eastern or middle murica people would argue that it is simply brisk outside since there aren't even any ice crystals to be found for many miles in any direction.

I really don't care about though - it is MY opinion that counts here, and i say ITS FREEEEEAAAAKIN COLD outside. I want some fur...and a fireside to snuggle up next to with it :)

He is obviously ready to cuddle with me! In fact, I think he just called my name!

Yes he is recently trimmed, but look at all that all-over stubble. You can tell that in a couple of weeks its a full fledged man blanket to keep you warm.

Just furry enough to qualify, that little patch in the center of his chest is begging for a nibble, and that treasure trail that broadens out as it dives for his pants? We don't need a map, we can tell were we are going today!
Not only furry, but accessorized! What more could a man ask for in a cuddle partner?

Shhhhhhh! It's a GingerBear! Extremely rare creatures, GingerBears are prone to being startled and may dash away back into the primordial forest from which they come if frightened.

On a positive note things are a little calmer in our house, due in large part to some of the new found communication skills from that men's weekend I mentioned a few posts back.

It has enabled profound changes in me and I had watched my husband grow through similar and different changes when he went through it last year - I have discovered that many of the new tools and thought processes are working for me the way they should with the support and help of other men who have been through it. Some powerful stuff.

We aren't fixed, and it will still be a long road with some significant work to be done, however I have a much clearer mental picture of where my work is and where the husband's work is. I can only be responsible for making sure I do my part. He has to be accountable for his own part. While we may make agreements to be accountable to each other, ultimately it is ourselves that we must be true too.

I find it very refreshing to have a group of men to help me share some of the burden of being me, and I know that sounds sort of silly - oh me oh my what a burden I am -  but it gets lonely talking this stuff out only to a counselor or only in my head. Talking to a group of other men and getting feedback and questions to help pinpoint critical thought processes is turning out to be an incredibly useful experience.

Groups of men are tons of fun in other ways too, but that's a story for another day...

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